Hildebrand Working with IBM to Scale up Energy Monitoring in the UK

By Martine Tommis

IBM_Hildebrand_EconomistHildebrand, the key technology partner in the DEHEMS project have been asked by the UK government to to scale up it’s energy montiroing solution for UK homes.  They are working in conjuction with IBM’s software laboratory near Winchester to create a solution that can collect, store and analyse huge volumes of data – 50K data points per second – making it scaleable to millions of homes.  This enables real-time analysis oand optimisation of electrictiy usage for households – a vital step in making our energy system smarter.  Developments like this will become increasingly imporatnt as smart meters and smart grids start to transform the way we supply and use energy.  IBM made this announcement in an advert in the Economist in October this year.  For more details :

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